The Game



The lands of this world are unsafe and populated by every kind of creatures. For a better protection, people decided to build their settlements on flying islands, developing unusually beautiful and functional architectures.

Your village is the focus of city's activities and of your power.
Every citizen will be happy to work for his leader in exchange for protection, they praise you... but they are afraid of you too.

Every new elected emperor, in fact, is struck down by the curse of the ancient Gods, becoming a shape shifter. But not all evil do harm, because your uncontrolled anger is often vented only on the enemies.

From the castle you'll be able to see all the available resources and take all the decisions, necessary to your growth, such as the construction of a new building or the choice of going into the battle. Every building has its own production and consumption of goods, and you will have to balance wisely your overall economy for a constant growth.

Outside the castle you will find the noticeboard, where you can read your messages such as battle reports or send messages to other users and friends.


There are no places where the human race is not present, and there are no fantasy lands without the elves race...
No one can exclude the presence of other races in some unknown land of this world: you can discover them maybe by getting a flying mount.
Anyway there is no peace between humans and elves and sometimes even within them... And the war is the way by which natural selection choose the strongest among them.


There's no a better class. It is up to you to customize them with equipment, items and power-ups will decide the fate of the game.
Some leaders choose the brute force, others the way of magic, others embrace both. In any case, there is always a continuous search for new fighting techniques or new ways to manipulate the elements with magic. In the next future there will be evocations, healing powers... and necromancy.


Because of no respecting life, races were punished by the ancient gods, so they were condemned to be beastly like animals... in all sense.
Many different kinds of character’s profile are possible thanks to the choice of the curse, with class and race: tank or dps, for example, will be useful in the incoming dungeons.
Changing your shape your stats will increase by 10% and you can gain some useful bonus before or during the combats... but you can get malus too, or your rage can damage things that are around you, because at the beginning you can't control it.


Fantasy Vengeance is characterized by an amazing first-person PvP system, it's the only "browser game like" that that allows you to do this.
If you are under attack and you are online, a pop-up window will warn you about it, and you will be redirected to the character's page.
Here you will be able to decide how to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle: you can buy power-ups, objects, weapons, armors or change those that are currently worn to achieve greater protection or channel the damage to a particular elemental source.