Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of MSquaredApplications, Verona, Italy, composed by:
-Andrea Marletta, Legnago, Sant’Antonio 34, 37045 Verona, Italy, P.IVA 04048920237;
-Marco Martinelli, Sommacampagna, IV Novembre 15, 37066 Verona, Italy, P.IVA 04049960232;

MSquaredApplications shall handle all personal data which the user submits during the business relations strictly confidentially in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.

In the event that a link contained on the website operated by MSquaredApplications redirects the user to another website not operated by MSquaredApplications, MSquaredApplications draws the user's attention to the fact that the present Privacy Policy does not apply to this third-party website. MSquaredApplications is not responsible for how the operator of this website handles user data. MSquaredApplications recommends the user to carefully read the privacy policies of linked websites.

MSquaredApplications collects, processes and stores the personal data which the user voluntarily submits by electronic or other means of communication.

MSquaredApplications advises the user to handle his data carefully and sparingly and to carefully consider what and with whom he would like to communicate via the websites and games operated by MSquaredApplications.

MSquaredApplications automatically stores the domain name and/or the IP-address of the computer via which the user contacts MSquaredApplications, the date and the length of time spent on the websites and games operated by MSquaredApplications and the pages of the websites and games accessed by the user.

MSquaredApplications stores the user's email address. MSquaredApplications may use it to send newsletters and information on the games of MSquaredApplications to the user. The user may, of course, revoke his consent at any time in writing (e.g. by email) without incurring any costs, apart from the costs of transmitting the written revocation (at base rates). The user shall be given the opportunity in all information sent by MSquaredApplications and in every newsletter to refuse to accept further information and to dispatch an appropriate revocation.

MSquaredApplications collects, processes and stores the personal data of the user only business purposes, so MSquaredApplications can better understand the users of the websites and thus offer them better services.

For security reasons MSquaredApplications will collect and store records which reflect how the websites and games are used, e.g. in-game user activities and in-game communication between users or communication within game-related services. This includes the monitoring of playing patterns and checks for possible manipulations of game operations which can then serve to detect abusive or improper activities of users.
MSquaredApplications uses special programs to detect infringements of the rules of the games.

Should MSquaredApplications discover that a user is acting in breach of his contractual obligations, e.g. by using unauthorized scripts, MSquaredApplications expressly reserves the right to merge the IP address of the respective user with other data which MSquaredApplications has on this user in order to bring the infringement to the attention of the user. MSquaredApplications might punish the respective user in order to restore regular game operations.

If MSquaredApplications cooperates with third parties in order to provide its services, MSquaredApplications shall oblige such parties to comply with applicable data protection laws and to ensure adequate data protection.

MSquaredApplications may also use the information provided by or stored on the user purely for internal checks as regards demography, user interests and user behaviour. This use is carried out anonymized. MSquaredApplications may also statistically evaluate information on the user in an anonymized and aggregated form for advertising and market research.

Only after their prior consent shall MSquaredApplications enable third parties to contact the user for advertising purposes. As long as the user does not object, his user data may also be used for sending the user advertising messages which reflect his interests (based on the information he has submitted to MSquaredApplications and on his actions within the websites and games operated by MSquaredApplications).

Your web browser or your client software transfers geographic data, information on your computer (e.g. performance data, gaming data processing, type of browser) and data on the use of our products and services (e.g. time of login and logout). MSquaredApplications uses these data to create summary statistics of its community. Furthermore, MSquaredApplications can use these data for purposes of security and system integrity.

MSquaredApplications will also request you to enter a user name and a password. MSquaredApplications requests you not to use your real name, the name of another person or the name of a protected brand as a user name.

MSquaredApplications might also use IP-addresses to restrict access to the servers of the company and to exclude individual systems so that the abuse of these servers is prevented.

MSquaredApplications might use these IP-addresses in connection with the data of a certain account or user if MSquaredApplications is of the opinion that our Terms of Use have been infringed or if is requested to do so by a judicial authority.

We treat your data strictly confidentially and do not disclose them to external third-parties. However, MSquaredApplications might be legally obliged to disclose your data in individual cases, such as to investigating authorities, whereby data are then only disclosed as far as required by law.

MSquaredApplications shall engage subsidiaries or sister companies or third parties to provide services on our behalf in an individual case. This particularly applies to payment processing via external service providers. These external companies are obliged to treat your data confidentially, safely and in accordance with the law.

The user may change his personal data at any time (e.g. in order to update or correct such data) or delete his personal data completely. If the user would like MSquaredApplications to change his personal data or to stop using his data, the user may contact MSquaredApplications.

MSquaredApplications reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time always observing the respectively applicable laws on data protection.

Should you have any general questions on this Privacy Policy and on data protection contact us.

MSquaredApplications is well aware that we bear a special responsibility for personal data provided to us by children. Hence, MSquaredApplications recommends that parents tell their children never to actually enter their real names, addresses or telephone numbers without obtaining their parents' or their guardian's consent.

Minors under 18 may not register online for services subject to a charge without obtaining the prior consent of their parents or guardian. If you use services offered within the framework of the listed MSquaredApplications websites, you agreed to the principles of MSquaredApplications concerning personal rights.

Our websites might contain advertising or services which are linked to other websites. The fact that MSquaredApplications creates a link to a website, does not constitute any endorsement, approval or opinion concerning our relation to this third party. If you click on the link to the website of a third party - which includes advertisements - you leave the MSquaredApplications website you have accessed and change to the selected website. We refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the use of your personal data by such third parties.

-Andrea Marletta, Legnago, Sant’Antonio 34, 37045 Verona, Italy, P.IVA 04048920237;
-Marco Martinelli, Sommacampagna, IV Novembre 15, 37066 Verona, Italy, P.IVA 04049960232;
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Last revised: 16 January 2012