Now we are going to explain some of the dynamics of the game and we will add your most frequently asked questions.

Is Fantasy Vengeance totally original?

Obviously YES! Every single line of code has been written by us, from the event management of the devices to DB interactions.

Are the illustrations copyright protected?

Each illustration is property of Massimiliano Bertolini who surrendered the publishing and marketing rights exclusively to MSquaredApplications, and you are not allow to use any of it without our permission. Just ask!

What about characters?

Some of FantasyVengeance's characters are already famous all over the world as main characters of covers. Thanks to MSquaredApplications they will experience a wonderfull adventure into an amazing dimension... TheFantasy Vengeance's World.

What's new in this Browser Game?

Fantasy Vengeance is the first mobile browser game for new generation's devices. It has an eye-catching graphics thanks to amazing illustrations and it mixes managerial activities with P2P first person fighting.

Is multi-account allowed?

Multi account is ALLOWED at this time. You can create as many characters as you wish to test all their skills. The usage of the account is monitored regularly to prevent and punish misbehaviour that could spoil the spirit of the game. The Admin will take action at his discretion from temporary freeze out to permanent ban of the accounts involved.
Reports of users useful to prove effective misbehaviour will be rewarded.

How is my character’s level calculated?

The character's level is strictly related to your population’s village growth. Manage your overall economy with accuracy and power-up yourself to protect your civilians. The higher the level goes, the quickies you can access to new weapons and armors... and dungeons in the next future.

Do all characters grow at the same speed and manner?

The statistics of a character grow proportionally with level, but in different ways depending on many factors:

  • Initials bonus of class, race and curse... consider the percentage in a long term view.
  • Classes obviously involve a different pattern of growth, specific for the chosen class.
  • Weapons, armors, helms, in-game items and blessings are fundamental.

What does being a shapeshifter?

Ancient Gods punished the races for their ingratitude to other's life. So, races were condemned to being like animals. When you change your form, you can do it every 6 hours at the beginning, your stats grow by a percentage. This is particularly useful when you are attacked or before you attack. Define with care the right moment to release the beast inside you.

Is the decision of the winner in a fight random?

SURELY NOT! When you are under attack, if you are online a pop-up window will warn you of this, so you will can counterattack:

  • When an opponent attacks you, he has a 5 minutes waiting time to let you the possibility to accept and prepare yourself for the battle.
  • During this period of time you can plan your action choosing carefully which weapon is better to use, or the most suitable protection gear to wear.
  • Choose the right set of statistics is necessary to win.
  • In the "Inventory" section you can also choose which blessing you want to obtain. This is another fundamental point for victory.
  • Pay attention at the time-out of your blessings. You can choose short-term upgrades to face a single battle. But sometimes is better to pay something more to get the necessary protection, because if you are offline... opponents can attack you as well.
  • When the battle begins there is a slight random disruption of your statistics due to the state of excitement or fear.
  • Direct Damage are derived from Strength (STR), Intelligence (INT) and Dexterity (DEX) weighted according to your class.
  • Absorbed Damage are calculated from Dexterity (DEX) and Constitution (CON).
  • Constitution also contributes to your Life. THERE IS NO FRAIL CHARACTER IN THIS WORLD...
  • Elemental Attacks are directly compared with Elemental Resistances of the opponents, and vice versa.
  • If you miss a few of these you can suffer serious damage or do no harm to the enemy.
  • Power-ups cost. Balance your village's economy Intelligently, in order to have all the resources you need... at the right moment you need them.

When you are offline the fight takes place using stats and bonus you have and equip you wear in the moment you are attacked.
So if you want to climb the rankings you should:

  • To have a good reason to be offline... ^_^'
  • To have bought the right defensive upgrades
  • To have worn the best equipment you have.